Samurai Dynasty

Set in ancient japan, a time where the Samurai were the military nobility of pre-industrial Japan and a geisha’s mystique and beauty captured the curiosity of everyone. Beauty, tranquillity and swords will guide you through a whirl wind journey where the ultimate prize can all be yours. Samurai Dynasty is a 5 reels over 20 winlines game that’ll see Samurai meeting Geisha in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

  • 5 reels over 20 winlines
  • Geisha and Samurai meet by a military flag filled with hidden treasures
  • Gamble on the suit of ancient cards
  • Dodge the Samurai with a Bonus Katana Award
  • Available in the UK as Cat B3

Journey your way through ancient Japan with the Geisha as your guide and the Samurai watching on as you take in ancient japanese culture. Be wowed by the natural settings from the famous Mount Fuji to the beautiful gardens in the ancient walled cities.

Watch out for the Samurai as he jumps from the shadows to deliver a Bonus Katana Award with his super sharp sword offering huge prizes. Let Geisha and Samurai meet to find hidden treasures in military style flags.

Play with ancient cards and guess the suits to gamble your winnings in this classic gamble feature. Samurai Dynasty is available now in the UK.

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