Psiclone Moves To Italy

Psiclone Games Ltd are pleased to have been chosen by Inspired Gaming Group as one of only 2 external suppliers to support Inspired’s entry into the new Italian Comma6b market.

Psiclones unique game engine gives them the ability to make a single game interact with many different platforms and this coupled with their rapid and flexible development cycle and many years of experience working with Inspired made them the ideal candidate.

Several of Psiclones range of successful UK category B3 games such as ‘Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders’ which is still going strong a year after release and ‘Escape the Rat Race’ which (just like its predecessor Snakes) jumped straight to a top quartile position when launched on William Hill’s LBO estate will be converted to the new market.

Sean Bastick, director of Psiclone said “We are happy to be moving into the Italian market and exploring the new opportunities that it presents. We have a proven track record of creating quality content on Inspired’s terminals and we are confident this will be a successful venture.”