Psiclone Joins the PlayTech Group


January 2014 saw Psiclone Games become part of the PlayTech Group. Already successful and established within the Gambling and Gaming Industry, Psiclone now has the added benefits of the support of a much larger parent company.

Playtech believes that there are significant combined benefits to be gained from the acquisition by combining Playtech’s extensive distribution network, sector knowledge and expertise with the Psiclone team’s understanding of the retail sector, and the UK market in particular. Working with the Playtech group will provide greater online and mobile distribution opportunity in the future for Psiclone content to be added to Playtech’s cross channel offering.

Mor Weizer, CEO of Playtech commented, “I am delighted to welcome the Psiclone team to the Playtech family, and look forward to our combined expertise enhancing our cross channel offering in the UK during 2014 and internationally in years to come.”

Mike Fox, Founder MD of Psiclone commented, “Here at Psiclone we are pleased to be forming a partnership with a larger organisation. It gives us access to more resources and new markets as well as solidifying our position in the UK. Having already worked with the Playtech team for a while we are confident their investment in the business will be mutually beneficial for Playtech, our team and customers old and new”

Samurai Dynasty

Set in ancient japan, will you play like a warrior? Samurai Dynasty is a 5 reels game over 20 winlines. Journey your way through ancient japan taking in sights like Mount Fuji, rare butterflies and Gesiha’s.

Access the Pick A Win feature and choose sections of a warriors flag to earn prizes. Level up in the feature to access higher prizes.

Samurai Dynasty Coming Soon

Around The World

Around The World, Coming soon. Journey around the globe and take in the sights in London, China, Russia and Mexico. Featuring 4 unique feature games this 5 reel game over 20 winlines will be sure to get you excited about exploring.

Check out the russian dolls in Moscow, you never know what you may find inside them or get lucky in london, can you guess what each locket contains in the gamble? Search for rare coins in mexico or run across the great wall in china, can you find the key to get through the guard towers?

Be one of the first great explorers in Around The World In 80 Plays.

Super Car Racer

3, 2, 1, GOOOOOOO!!! Are you ready for the race of a life time? Exotic cars, beautiful women and tophys can all be yours in this fast pace race to the finish line. Super Car Racer is a 5 reels over 10 winlines game that’ll see you in the pits looking for trophys, turbo spinning your way onto the track and finally racing into pole position.

  • 5 reels over 10 winlines
  • Wheel spin for the Turbo Spin feature
  • Gamble where the hidden trophys are in the pits
  • Race against other drivers in a fast paced race to the finish
  • Can you grab a fortune finish?
  • Available in the UK as Cat B3

Super Car Racer is a super charged race to the finish. Race to win and not only will you get the fast cars and beautiful women but maybe even a trophy too. Super Car Racer gives you the chance to get behind the wheel of the most exotic super cars there are. Check out the pits where the race crew hang out and try and find the gold trophy’s in the game feature.

Maybe wheel spins are more your thing, get a great wheel spin and you’ll enter Turbo Spins where the reels go almost as fast as some of these cars. Finally enter the race where you have the chance to compete in up to 3 races, win each one and not only will you get big prizes but you’ll get the glory of being a world class driver.

Don’t forget to check out your speedometer on the paytable, each time the reels spin more money is added to this progressive jackpot just waiting for you to get enough revs for it to payout. Super Car Racer is available now in the UK.