Samurai Dynasty


Set in ancient japan, a time where the Samurai were the military nobility of pre-industrial Japan and a geisha's mystique and beauty captured the curiosity of everyone. Beauty, tranquillity and swords will guide you through a whirl wind journey where the ultimate prize can all be yours. Samurai Dynasty is a 5 reels over 20 winlines game that'll see Samurai meeting Geisha in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. 5 reels over 20 … [Read more...]

Super Car Racer


3, 2, 1, GOOOOOOO!!! Are you ready for the race of a life time? Exotic cars, beautiful women and tophys can all be yours in this fast pace race to the finish line. Super Car Racer is a 5 reels over 10 winlines game that'll see you in the pits looking for trophys, turbo spinning your way onto the track and finally racing into pole position. 5 reels over 10 winlines Wheel spin for the Turbo Spin feature Gamble where the hidden trophys … [Read more...]

Moonshine Mob


Prohibition is in force. The local speakeasys are the place to be and are also the place where you may find some unsavoury characters. Welcome to Big Tony's Moonshine mob, a 5 reels game that will see you rise to the top by cracking safes, gambling with cards and making your very own moonshine. 5 reels over 20 winlines Can you crack the safes in the Safe Feature? How much moonshine can you make in the the Distillary Feature? Are you … [Read more...]

African Wilds


Its a hot, lazy day in the jungle. Time to cool off in the shade with the wild animals of Africa! African Wilds is a 5 reels game with a huge middle reel filled with Wild bonus symbols that can multiply your win up to x10! 5 reels over 10 winlines Gamble on the roll of a dice! Check out the huge centre reel! Multiply your win by up to x10 Centre reel filled with wild symbols Available in the UK as Cat B3 African Wilds … [Read more...]



Its gold rush time! Quick, get down the mine and get to the gold. Ricky Raccoon will help you find the gold along the way with his trusty pick axe. Goldmine is a 5 reels game that will see you blowing up rocks down in the mine, smashing into hidden areas and stopping run away mine carts. 5 reels over 20 winlines Stop the run away mine carts! Pull Ricky up the Mine Shaft and look for gold. Blow up rock with dynamite for prizes … [Read more...]

Fairground Fortunes


Welcome to the fun of the fair! Fairground fortunes allows you to enjoy 5 reels over 10 winlines, the chance to knock over coconuts in the coconut shy. Shoot ducks in the Duck Shoot feature, Aim at tin cans in Tin Can Alley and meet Marvin the Clown where you can test your strength in Clowny's Cash Climber! Roll up, roll up. Come one come all! 5 reels over 10 winlines How good is your aim at the Duck Shoot Feature? Can you … [Read more...]

Money Magic


Time to put on your wizard hat and cast a spell for some money magic. *Kablam!* Money Magic is a 3 Reel Hi-Tech game that will see you moving up the trail, gaining access to the feature board and rolling a dice to move around. Big prizes and fun features will make this a magical experience. 3 reels over 5 winlines Hi-Tech Reels Game 12 Features to find! Can you stay on the trail? Gain extra lives or find spells Bonus … [Read more...]

Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders


Snakes, Ladders and cash adders is a new take on an old favourite. Avoid the snakes and use the ladders to get around the board exactly how you remember. Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders is a 5 reels game that will see you rolling dice to move around the board to grab as many prizes as you can before the snakes stop you. 5 reels over 20 winlines Play the reels to access the board Use ladders to get to higher prizes Avoid the snakes … [Read more...]