Fairground Fortunes Now Online at Gala & Coral

This week, hit game Fairground Fortunes has now gone live online at Gala Bingo and Coral Bookmakers.

Now available online 24/7 you can check out the game for yourself.

Featuring all the fun of the fair, Fairground fortunes contains everything you’d expect to find at your local fair. Big prizes, duck shoots, coconut shys and much more! With gorgeous graphics you’ll almost think you are there. Play 5 Reels over 10 winlines with 3 feature games to find. Multiply your win by up to 20x in Tin Can Alley and join in the fun.


Samurai Dynasty Launches at Betfred and Paddy Power

This November Samurai Dynasty launches at Betfred and Paddy Power. Set in ancient Japan and staring an elegant Geisha and powerful Samurai, Samurai Dynasty will take you on a whirl wind journey through ancient Japanese locations and culture. Filled with hidden treasures and exciting games Samurai Dynasty is sure to keep players coming back for more.

Fairground Takes No.2 Slot in Slovakia

Psiclone Games hugely successful Fairground Fortunes has taken the No.2 slot in Slovakia. This game based on all the fun of the fair has exploded in a shower of confetti to take the No.2 spot. Featuring a huge range of features from duck shooting to test your strength, Fairground Fortunes has not only wowed players but kept them coming back for more exciting games at the fair.

Fairground Fortunes is soon to be followed in Slovakia by the hugely popular Snakes, Ladders and Cash Adders game which has been specifically revised for the Slovakian market and is sure to be just as big a hit.

Moonshine Mob Excites

Psiclone’s latest blockbuster hit the UK B3 Market in December 2011 with suitable Fanfare, and with excellent performance. This game is based in 1920’s America prohibition era. A time of Gangsters, Molls, Tommy Guns, Speak Easy’s and of course… Moonshine! Another feature rich product from Psiclone gives the player great entertainment as well as that all important gaming experience. Moonshine Mob is also one of the new batch of games to include a Rewards scheme built in for regular customers. Psiclone have worked closely with Inspired during the development of the rewards programme and Moonshine Mob is one of the First titles to go to Market with it enabled. It would seem that Moonshine Mob’s appeal spreads further than just the UK:

“We were delighted with the response Moonshine [Mob] has received both from players and operators. We have been very surprised with the interest we have received for the game to be converted to Italy’s comma 6b” said Director Sean Bastick.

“We thought there may be an issue with the theme in Italy, but quite the opposite, Italian operators are keen to get a version live as soon as possible”. Remarked Director Mike Fox.

Fairground Fortunes Storms The Charts

After the successes of Snakes, Ladders & Cash adders in Italian comma 6b, comes Fairground Fortunes. This latest Italian title from Psiclone has stormed its way up the charts of most played to second position. Based on the Highly successful UK B3 game, this five reeler sees the player trying their luck at a Coconut Shy, Duck Shoot, Tin Can Shoot and a test your strength machine.

“We found the theme was very compelling in the UK and we are happy to see the Italians enjoy a good time at the fair. We adjusted the Players experience to suit the profiles of that Market (Comma 6b) and we are very pleased it is doing so well” Commented Psiclone Director and Co-Owner Mike Fox.

Fairground has proved to have great longevity in the UK, Psiclone looks forward to similar performance in Italy.

Psiclone Produces “Core VIP” Titles

Having always had a close working relationship with Inspired Gaming Group, Psiclone was an obvious choice to work closely with them on their SBG Reward system “Core VIP”. Core, Inspired’s new marketing and rewards programme gives players a reward card which they use in the recently updated “Storm” cabinets. Extra features are enabled within compatible games, which give players extra value. Psiclone, as a Core VIP launch partner has developed several new games which include extra features for use with Core. We have also added extra features to existing products to ensure they remain competitive and good value to players.

Initial titles released which include the new “Core” functionality:
Big Tony’s Moonshine Mob
Fairground Fortunes
Gold Mine
African Wilds
And the soon to be released: Supercar Racer

Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders Pays Out In Italy

Psiclone’s debut product into the Italian comma 6b market, has gone from strength to strength, proving to be a long term performer. Snakes Ladders and Cash adders now also has the additional accolade of being the first game in the comma 6b market to pay out the coveted €500,000 progressive jackpot.

Director and co-owner of Psiclone: Sean Bastick commented: “We are incredibly happy with the game’s performance, and being the first [game]to pay this Jackpot gives us tremendously positive brand recognition”

The Jackpot was paid out in December of 2011. The progressive is now growing once again. Good luck to our Italian customers!

New £2 Stake

The new £2 stake for B3 games went live this week. Psiclone had already ensured its gaming content was £2 compliant from as far back as January. With nothing more than the flick of a switch, the new variant was live at Inspired Gaming Group (in William Hill, BetFred & Paddy Power), and by Gala Bingo on their Mega Slots.

You’ll find a huge range of Psiclone produced games all now feature £2 stake B3 modes.

Fairground Fortunes in Italy

This month our ever popular game Fairground Fortunes passed Italian comma6b Homologation and is approved for release into the market. Keep an eye out for it at Sisal WinCity, Sisal Matchpoint & other locations throughout the country in the 2nd half of the year.

Psiclone Games is very excited to see Fairground Fortunes in the Italian market and we hope you are too.

Gala Bingo Mega Slots

Gala Bingo launched their new Mega Slots B3 multigame cabinets this week. Psiclone are proud to say that Gala Bingo chose 3 of Psiclone’s games to go on the 8 game menu.

Another clear message about the strength of Psiclone’s gaming content in the Bingo Market. Look out for these and more new content at ICE2011 at Earls Court later this month.

South America

Following a strong showing of content at ICE2011, Psiclone were yet again asked by Inspired Gaming Group to join them in their expansion into new markets. This time our rapid response, quality gaming product and expertise made us the ideal partners to help move into new markets. These multiple target markets included Mexico & Columbia.

The games this time: Ricky Raccoon’s Gold Mine (our latest high end feature rich game) and Snakes & Ladders 2, the follow up to the very successful original Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders.

Eastern Europe

Psiclone have been asked by Inspired Gaming Group to produce a Slovakian version of their ever popular and successful Fairground Fortunes game.

Update: Feb 2011… at Launch the game was the most popular on the platform, with 25% more plays than its nearest rival.

The game continues to be a success across all of the platforms it is converted to and it is an ideal product with which to introduce a new market to server based gaming and UK style street gaming content.