Fairground Fortunes

Welcome to the fun of the fair! Fairground fortunes allows you to enjoy 5 reels over 10 winlines, the chance to knock over coconuts in the coconut shy. Shoot ducks in the Duck Shoot feature, Aim at tin cans in Tin Can Alley and meet Marvin the Clown where you can test your strength in Clowny’s Cash Climber!

  • Roll up, roll up. Come one come all!
  • 5 reels over 10 winlines
  • How good is your aim at the Duck Shoot Feature?
  • Can you knock over the coconuts in the Coconut Shy Feature?
  • How strong are you in Clowny’s Cash Climber feature?
  • Multiply Your Win by 20x In Tin Can Alley?
  • Available in the UK, Slovakia & Italy
  • Available as UK B3, B4, C, D & Italian Comma 6b

Fairground fortunes is a exhilarating 5 reels game at the fun fair. Filled with all sorts of rides, attractions and prices you can play at the fair without having to avoid the people being sick on the merry go rounds. Fairground Fortunes has 3 exciting features and a shooting gallery gamble to entertain you. Shoot the cans in Tin Can Alley and gamble on which ones have the winning tickets.

Shoot rubber ducks in the Duck Shoot and level up as you win prizes, make sure you have a steady aim though as these ducks move fast. How’s your throwing arm? You’ll need to be good to knock over the coconuts in the Coconut shy. Lucky for you these ones are not nailed down. Finally meet our friendly clown Marvin, he loves to test your strength on his machine which he calls Clowny’s Cash Climber. See how strong you are, the higher you get to the bell the more money you’ll win.

Fairground Fortunes is available now in the UK Slovakia and Italy. The Italian version contains a progressive jackpot feature where huge prizes are just waiting to be won.

Fairground Fortunes Storms The Charts

After the successes of Snakes, Ladders & Cash adders in Italian comma 6b, comes Fairground Fortunes. This latest Italian title from Psiclone has stormed its way up the charts of most played to second position. Based on the Highly successful UK B3 game, this five reeler sees the player trying their luck at a Coconut Shy, Duck Shoot, Tin Can Shoot and a test your strength machine.

“We found the theme was very compelling in the UK and we are happy to see the Italians enjoy a good time at the fair. We adjusted the Players experience to suit the profiles of that Market (Comma 6b) and we are very pleased it is doing so well” Commented Psiclone Director and Co-Owner Mike Fox.

Fairground has proved to have great longevity in the UK, Psiclone looks forward to similar performance in Italy.