Moonshine Mob

Prohibition is in force. The local speakeasys are the place to be and are also the place where you may find some unsavoury characters. Welcome to Big Tony’s Moonshine mob, a 5 reels game that will see you rise to the top by cracking safes, gambling with cards and making your very own moonshine.

  • 5 reels over 20 winlines
  • Can you crack the safes in the Safe Feature?
  • How much moonshine can you make in the the Distillary Feature?
  • Are you a card shark in the card feature?
  • Will you win on the roll of a dice in the gamble?
  • Can you escape with the jackpot in the sealed van?
  • Available in the UK as Cat B3 & C

Moonshine Mob is an exciting 5 reels game set in the era of Prohibition. Alcohol has been outlawed and its now up to smugglers to bring in the illegal hooch and offer it for sale at local speak easys. Big Tony’s Moonshine mob offers multiplay fun ways to play. With 3 unique features and a gamble to keep you entertained. Crack the safes in the safe cracker feature. You have to stop a random number generator and try to crack the combination on as many safes as you can with each containing a prize.

In the distillery feature you select bottles to fill, each offering a random prize. How many bottles you can fill is determined by your entry into the feature. If you are a card shark you’ll enjoy the card feature, turn over cards to try and reveal the Moll but watch out for the gangster cards, you don’t want to find any of them. Finally the gamble allows you to guess on the roll of the dice.

Moonshine Mob is available now in the UK

Fairground Fortunes

Welcome to the fun of the fair! Fairground fortunes allows you to enjoy 5 reels over 10 winlines, the chance to knock over coconuts in the coconut shy. Shoot ducks in the Duck Shoot feature, Aim at tin cans in Tin Can Alley and meet Marvin the Clown where you can test your strength in Clowny’s Cash Climber!

  • Roll up, roll up. Come one come all!
  • 5 reels over 10 winlines
  • How good is your aim at the Duck Shoot Feature?
  • Can you knock over the coconuts in the Coconut Shy Feature?
  • How strong are you in Clowny’s Cash Climber feature?
  • Multiply Your Win by 20x In Tin Can Alley?
  • Available in the UK, Slovakia & Italy
  • Available as UK B3, B4, C, D & Italian Comma 6b

Fairground fortunes is a exhilarating 5 reels game at the fun fair. Filled with all sorts of rides, attractions and prices you can play at the fair without having to avoid the people being sick on the merry go rounds. Fairground Fortunes has 3 exciting features and a shooting gallery gamble to entertain you. Shoot the cans in Tin Can Alley and gamble on which ones have the winning tickets.

Shoot rubber ducks in the Duck Shoot and level up as you win prizes, make sure you have a steady aim though as these ducks move fast. How’s your throwing arm? You’ll need to be good to knock over the coconuts in the Coconut shy. Lucky for you these ones are not nailed down. Finally meet our friendly clown Marvin, he loves to test your strength on his machine which he calls Clowny’s Cash Climber. See how strong you are, the higher you get to the bell the more money you’ll win.

Fairground Fortunes is available now in the UK Slovakia and Italy. The Italian version contains a progressive jackpot feature where huge prizes are just waiting to be won.

Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders

Snakes, Ladders and cash adders is a new take on an old favourite. Avoid the snakes and use the ladders to get around the board exactly how you remember. Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders is a 5 reels game that will see you rolling dice to move around the board to grab as many prizes as you can before the snakes stop you.

  • 5 reels over 20 winlines
  • Play the reels to access the board
  • Use ladders to get to higher prizes
  • Avoid the snakes that will send you back down
  • Roll dice to move around the board
  • Available in the UK & Italy
  • Available as UK B3, B4, C & Italian Comma 6b

Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders is an exciting 5 reels game based on an old favourite. Play the 5 reels to gain prizes and to access the main feature board where you can access even bigger prizes. Roll the dice to move around the board, using ladders to reach higher prizes and trying to avoid the snakes who’ll send you back down to the bottom.

Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders is available now in the UK Italy, Mexico and Columbia. The Italian version contains a progressive jackpot feature where huge prizes are just waiting to be won.

Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders Pays Out In Italy

Psiclone’s debut product into the Italian comma 6b market, has gone from strength to strength, proving to be a long term performer. Snakes Ladders and Cash adders now also has the additional accolade of being the first game in the comma 6b market to pay out the coveted €500,000 progressive jackpot.

Director and co-owner of Psiclone: Sean Bastick commented: “We are incredibly happy with the game’s performance, and being the first [game]to pay this Jackpot gives us tremendously positive brand recognition”

The Jackpot was paid out in December of 2011. The progressive is now growing once again. Good luck to our Italian customers!

Fairground Fortunes in Italy

This month our ever popular game Fairground Fortunes passed Italian comma6b Homologation and is approved for release into the market. Keep an eye out for it at Sisal WinCity, Sisal Matchpoint & other locations throughout the country in the 2nd half of the year.

Psiclone Games is very excited to see Fairground Fortunes in the Italian market and we hope you are too.

ENADA 2010 Italy

Psiclone put on a strong showing at the ENADA 2010 trade show in Rome this week. With 3 separate products on show Psiclone was the largest collection of independent content on the Inspired network and was available to view on 3 different stands throughout the 3 day show.

You can see Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders as well as Fairground Fortunes in the screenshot.

Psiclone Moves To Italy

Psiclone Games Ltd are pleased to have been chosen by Inspired Gaming Group as one of only 2 external suppliers to support Inspired’s entry into the new Italian Comma6b market.

Psiclones unique game engine gives them the ability to make a single game interact with many different platforms and this coupled with their rapid and flexible development cycle and many years of experience working with Inspired made them the ideal candidate.

Several of Psiclones range of successful UK category B3 games such as ‘Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders’ which is still going strong a year after release and ‘Escape the Rat Race’ which (just like its predecessor Snakes) jumped straight to a top quartile position when launched on William Hill’s LBO estate will be converted to the new market.

Sean Bastick, director of Psiclone said “We are happy to be moving into the Italian market and exploring the new opportunities that it presents. We have a proven track record of creating quality content on Inspired’s terminals and we are confident this will be a successful venture.”

Italy Goes Live

After exhaustive testing and plenty of governmental inspection Inspired Gaming Group’s Italian Comma6b platform goes live and with it Psiclone’s Snakes & Ladders Game.

This is the first and only game to have a live progressive jackpot in Italy under the new Comma6b regulations. This puts Psiclone at the forefront of the new gaming experiencein Italy. Addendum since going live the game has paid a great many jackpots, some over €250,000.