African Wilds

Its a hot, lazy day in the jungle. Time to cool off in the shade with the wild animals of Africa! African Wilds is a 5 reels game with a huge middle reel filled with Wild bonus symbols that can multiply your win up to x10!

  • 5 reels over 10 winlines
  • Gamble on the roll of a dice!
  • Check out the huge centre reel!
  • Multiply your win by up to x10
  • Centre reel filled with wild symbols
  • Available in the UK as Cat B3

African Wilds is an action packed 5 reels game set in the wonderful plains of Africa. Featuring all the wildlife you know and love from Lions to Elephants you’ll find African Wilds a happy place to stay. African Wilds has a huge centre reel that is filled with multiple wild symbols allowing you to multiply your wins by up to 10X. Line up for winning symbols on a winline and what ever your wild symbol is in the centre multiply’s your win!

You can even gamble your win on the roll of a pair of dice. Can you guess what the dice will be?

African Wilds is available now in the UK.

Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders

Snakes, Ladders and cash adders is a new take on an old favourite. Avoid the snakes and use the ladders to get around the board exactly how you remember. Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders is a 5 reels game that will see you rolling dice to move around the board to grab as many prizes as you can before the snakes stop you.

  • 5 reels over 20 winlines
  • Play the reels to access the board
  • Use ladders to get to higher prizes
  • Avoid the snakes that will send you back down
  • Roll dice to move around the board
  • Available in the UK & Italy
  • Available as UK B3, B4, C & Italian Comma 6b

Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders is an exciting 5 reels game based on an old favourite. Play the 5 reels to gain prizes and to access the main feature board where you can access even bigger prizes. Roll the dice to move around the board, using ladders to reach higher prizes and trying to avoid the snakes who’ll send you back down to the bottom.

Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders is available now in the UK Italy, Mexico and Columbia. The Italian version contains a progressive jackpot feature where huge prizes are just waiting to be won.