Its gold rush time! Quick, get down the mine and get to the gold. Ricky Raccoon will help you find the gold along the way with his trusty pick axe. Goldmine is a 5 reels game that will see you blowing up rocks down in the mine, smashing into hidden areas and stopping run away mine carts.

  • 5 reels over 20 winlines
  • Stop the run away mine carts!
  • Pull Ricky up the Mine Shaft and look for gold.
  • Blow up rock with dynamite for prizes
  • Ricky will help guide your way in the mines
  • How much gold can you find?/li>
  • Available in the UK & Mexico
  • Available as UK Cat UK B3, B4, C & D

Goldmine is an explosive 5 reels game set in the middle of a gold rush. Everyone is rushing to the mines to dig up the vibrant gold, but you can get there and reap the rewards before anyone else. Goldmine has multiple features to keep you from being caved in with boredom. Can you stop the run away mine carts? You may get lucky and find some gold or a pick axe that’ll allow you to reach mine carts filled even higher with gold.

Select rocks to blow up to try and uncover large chunks of gold in the gamble, but be careful you don’t blow up a fossil. Finally move Ricky Raccoon up the mine shaft and pick at rock along the way to reveal fabulous prizes.

Goldmine is available now in the UK, Mexico & Columbia. The Mexican version contains a progressive jackpot feature where huge prizes are just waiting to be won.