Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders

Snakes, Ladders and cash adders is a new take on an old favourite. Avoid the snakes and use the ladders to get around the board exactly how you remember. Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders is a 5 reels game that will see you rolling dice to move around the board to grab as many prizes as you can before the snakes stop you.

  • 5 reels over 20 winlines
  • Play the reels to access the board
  • Use ladders to get to higher prizes
  • Avoid the snakes that will send you back down
  • Roll dice to move around the board
  • Available in the UK & Italy
  • Available as UK B3, B4, C & Italian Comma 6b

Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders is an exciting 5 reels game based on an old favourite. Play the 5 reels to gain prizes and to access the main feature board where you can access even bigger prizes. Roll the dice to move around the board, using ladders to reach higher prizes and trying to avoid the snakes who’ll send you back down to the bottom.

Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders is available now in the UK Italy, Mexico and Columbia. The Italian version contains a progressive jackpot feature where huge prizes are just waiting to be won.

Snakes, Ladders & Cash Adders Pays Out In Italy

Psiclone’s debut product into the Italian comma 6b market, has gone from strength to strength, proving to be a long term performer. Snakes Ladders and Cash adders now also has the additional accolade of being the first game in the comma 6b market to pay out the coveted €500,000 progressive jackpot.

Director and co-owner of Psiclone: Sean Bastick commented: “We are incredibly happy with the game’s performance, and being the first [game]to pay this Jackpot gives us tremendously positive brand recognition”

The Jackpot was paid out in December of 2011. The progressive is now growing once again. Good luck to our Italian customers!