Moonshine Mob

Prohibition is in force. The local speakeasys are the place to be and are also the place where you may find some unsavoury characters. Welcome to Big Tony’s Moonshine mob, a 5 reels game that will see you rise to the top by cracking safes, gambling with cards and making your very own moonshine.

  • 5 reels over 20 winlines
  • Can you crack the safes in the Safe Feature?
  • How much moonshine can you make in the the Distillary Feature?
  • Are you a card shark in the card feature?
  • Will you win on the roll of a dice in the gamble?
  • Can you escape with the jackpot in the sealed van?
  • Available in the UK as Cat B3 & C

Moonshine Mob is an exciting 5 reels game set in the era of Prohibition. Alcohol has been outlawed and its now up to smugglers to bring in the illegal hooch and offer it for sale at local speak easys. Big Tony’s Moonshine mob offers multiplay fun ways to play. With 3 unique features and a gamble to keep you entertained. Crack the safes in the safe cracker feature. You have to stop a random number generator and try to crack the combination on as many safes as you can with each containing a prize.

In the distillery feature you select bottles to fill, each offering a random prize. How many bottles you can fill is determined by your entry into the feature. If you are a card shark you’ll enjoy the card feature, turn over cards to try and reveal the Moll but watch out for the gangster cards, you don’t want to find any of them. Finally the gamble allows you to guess on the roll of the dice.

Moonshine Mob is available now in the UK