Money Magic

Time to put on your wizard hat and cast a spell for some money magic. *Kablam!* Money Magic is a 3 Reel Hi-Tech game that will see you moving up the trail, gaining access to the feature board and rolling a dice to move around. Big prizes and fun features will make this a magical experience.

  • 3 reels over 5 winlines
  • Hi-Tech Reels Game
  • 12 Features to find!
  • Can you stay on the trail?
  • Gain extra lives or find spells
  • Bonus Features
  • Available in the UK as Cat C

Money Magic is a mesmerising 3 reels game that will be sure to surprise. With 12 features and bonus’ to find you’ll need to use all your spells and tricks to access them. Follow the trail up to the board and then move around it whilst avoiding leaving the board.

You’ll find fun packed features such as guessing what is inside the wizards cupboard to making books fly off the shelves to reveal cash prizes. Get your wand hand ready to pull off some of the best magic ever seen!

Money Magic is available now in the UK.