Moonshine Mob Excites

Psiclone’s latest blockbuster hit the UK B3 Market in December 2011 with suitable Fanfare, and with excellent performance. This game is based in 1920’s America prohibition era. A time of Gangsters, Molls, Tommy Guns, Speak Easy’s and of course… Moonshine! Another feature rich product from Psiclone gives the player great entertainment as well as that all important gaming experience. Moonshine Mob is also one of the new batch of games to include a Rewards scheme built in for regular customers. Psiclone have worked closely with Inspired during the development of the rewards programme and Moonshine Mob is one of the First titles to go to Market with it enabled. It would seem that Moonshine Mob’s appeal spreads further than just the UK:

“We were delighted with the response Moonshine [Mob] has received both from players and operators. We have been very surprised with the interest we have received for the game to be converted to Italy’s comma 6b” said Director Sean Bastick.

“We thought there may be an issue with the theme in Italy, but quite the opposite, Italian operators are keen to get a version live as soon as possible”. Remarked Director Mike Fox.